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Current Membership required to perform transfer.  New Owner must be a current member or become a current member with
 WCMHR before the transfer can be registered.   Simultaneous Membership and Transfer is permissible. Transfer form is on the back of the
Original Certificate.  Please send the actual certificate back to WCMHR.  This form may be utilized when the Certificate is not available or if
the Seller is not the Owner listed on the front of the Certificate.  New and Renewing Members fill in Membership Form and include fees or
Membership Service Online.

Trasfer Fee of $15   thru December 31, 2017     No Late Late Transfer Fee (after six months of date of transfer) until after December 31, 2017
Update to Permanent Fee of $10 if certificate has expired within year that the horse became a 3-year old.
Update to Permanent Fee of $10 if certificate has expired and is beyond the expiration date.

Horse's NameHt.
WCMHR Registration Number
Owner listed on the front of Certificate
New Owner's Name
Ranch/Farm Name (if any)
CityStateZip Country
CountryTel email
Signature of New Owner Date


Seller's Name
Effective Date of Transfer I certify that I am the Owner and have full authority to transfer said horse.
Seller's Signature(SEAL)
CityStateZip Country
CountryTel email

Copy of Bill of Sale will be acceptable for transfer without the Previous Owner's Signature or if the
 Seller is not listed as  the Owner on the Original Certificate.

Service Certificate - If horse being transferred is a bred mare .              Optional during 2017

Breeding Periodsto
Owner of Stallion
Total Amount $    Check/Money order payable to WCMHR, Inc. in US Funds
Visa Mastercard   Discover Name on Card
Card No.______________________________________________ Expiration ____/____ 3-digit security code __/___/___

Signature of Cardholder __________________________________ Date _______________________

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