wcmhr:show pony application for registration Show Ponies Heights range from over 38" to 48"
WCMHR-Registered Miniature Horses that exceed 38" may be classified into the Show Pony Division.
Membership required to register.  Membership Fee: $32  Membership Application/ Fees/Work Order/  Horse Colors  Contact us                  
Show Ponies are considered Permanent 3 years of age-height Temporary  under the age of 3
Pony's Name Foaling Date

Sex: Mare, Stallion, Gelding Height Body Color
Mane Color Tail Color
Face Markings: Star, Strip, Snip, Blaze (wide or narrow-includes star, strip, & snip)
Leg Markings
:Heel, Coronet, Sock, Stocking, White Leg
Markings (if any)

Indicate color & markings
on horse outlines
or send 3 photos, full sides
and front view.
Draw a line across legs
where white  (if any) ends.
Draw any other white areas
including face markings
if any.

Breeder's name and location if known
Show Pony Breed (if known) Welch, POA, Hackney, Shetland, Mix, etc.
Sire's Name, Registry, and Height  Fill in if information is known-Not Required

Grandsire (Sire of Sire)
Granddam (Dam of Sire)
Dam's Name, Registry, and Height Fill in if information is known-Not Required

Grandsire (Sire of Dam)
Granddam (Dam of Dam)
Owner's Name
Membership No if known or assigned e-mail address
Farm Name
City State Zip
Country Tel Fax
Owner's Signature Date
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