A private, local farm, located in Esperance, NY,   owned by Sandy  Croote       
Due Process (aka. "Zack") is Sandy's first horse and the farm is named after him.
           "SUBRAS STARBUCK" a renown World Champion Miniature Tobiano Pinto
 is now standing at stud.  He has color, tempermant, and is top quality
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  Sandy with John Lyons, Zip and Seattle
Sandy enjoys using John Lyons training methods with her horses and for this would like to say a special THANK YOU to John Lyons for letting her tag around on tour with him in 2000.  Taking care of Zip, Seattle, Trouble, and Preacher was a great learning experience and becoming friends was even better!!  If anyone has the chance to see one of John or Josh's symposiums I would definitely recommend it - its for ALL disciplines!!  Besides you'll meet lots of great horse people.

I would also be re-miss if I didn't add that I received a huge amount of my hunter riding and training from Peggy Aedjian of Winter Glen Farm.  If you're interested in english riding then check out Winter Glen Farm.  It has a very friendly atmosphere with lots of dependable school horses, huge indoor and boarding if you own your own.  You can contact Winter Glen Farm at 518-356-3364.
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