Entry Level Classes Questions and Answers

2003 WCMHR World Championship
Entry Level Classes were established to enable newcomers an opportunity to compete with others on the same experience level.
The Entry-Level Classes also provide those Exhibitors who may have shown for more than 2 years
(2 seasons--not an accumulation of 730 days over a period of years ) in one discipline an opportunity to exceed in a class that they may never have tried before or in which they have very little experience.
The same horse may not be shown in a class by more than one exhibitor.

The Miniature Horse or Show Pony Disciplines are broken down as follows:
-any type of Showmanship Class including Amateur, novice, etc.
Hunter-Any Hunter Classes-
participated in any type of Hunter Class whether amateur, open, etc.
Jumper-Any Jumper Classes
-any type of Jumper Class whether amateur, novice, open, etc.
Obstacle Mini Trail Classes-
any type of in-hand Obstacle Class whether amateur, novice, open, etc.
Pleasure Driving Classes-
any type of Pleasure Driving Class whether Country Pleasure Driving, Single Pleasure Driving, Entry-Level, PM/C  open, etc.
Obstacle Driving Class-any type of Driving Class that involves a series of obstacles.
Roadster-any type of Roadster class including Adult, Youth, Entry Level, PM/C, open, etc.

Question: Can Participants who are in Entry Level Classes also participate in any other classes? Entry Level Participants may participate in any class.

Question: Are entry level classes considered for the high-point awards?
Entry Level Classes have their own High-Point Awards. The Entry Level classes were established to allow new exhibitors an experience in a World Championship Show and to permit experienced exhibitors an opportunity to try a new discipline.

Question: I have shown in Showmanship Classes for several years but have never been in a driving class, am I eligible for entry level pleasure driving?
Answer: Yes, you are eligible for Entry Level Pleasure Driving, Entry Level Obstacle Driving, and Entry Level Roadster.


New for 2003-All Entry-Level Champions and Reserves will receive belt buckles and ribbons for their awards in the Championship Classes.  The class judged upon the horse's performance but the entry-level classes have been designed for the exhibitors and therefore, the prize will be awarded for the exhibitor.

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