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 Registering Miniature Horses all over the World since 1995  

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 Requirements for  Horse Registration
 Current Membership  is required to perform any type of registry work.
 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP-includes 1st. year subscription and 1 Free  Registration $250 Online $245
 Membership with subscription Equine Journal $32  Online $27
 Without subscription and foreign countries $25       Online $20
 Youth membership 1 fee of $10 until age 18
 Photos are Optional except Hardship Applications
 Dam required to be registered with WCMHR or
 Horse or it's parents registered in a recognized registry.
Registration in other organization does not have to be current.

Current Year Foal-$15   Online $10   
Yearling-$20         Online $15   
Two –Year Old.-$25      Online $20      
Three Years or Older-$30  Online $25
Geldings Open Registry-$10  pedigree not required
Show Pony over 38"-48" $15 pedigree not required Online $10
 Hardship, Mare or Stallion-$75
previously  Online $70
unregistered, one or both parents unregistered or unknown, 
HARDSHIP  Requires Height at any age, and photo
of each side.

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Registration Service--
US, Canada and Foreign countries registrations,
 Pay with Pay Pal or  Credit Cards.
 Coupons already applied. 
Payable in US Funds.
Paypal Account is NOT required.
To use a credit card for payment, click on
"Don't have a PayPal Account,"
Photos can now be submitted for
Online Registration Service--






Tricia Bartoo Mozingo Cheery Acres Miniature Horses

 VSE Challenge  The next show is 6/28/2014 Upperville, VA then 8/2/2014 at Dorey Park, Henrico. The last is at the State Fair of VA Oct 2-3. See *click* on VSE Challenge.

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